Opencast and underground: gold, diamonds, coal, platinum, chrome, manganese, iron ore, copper, granite, various minerals and phosphates.

Covering South Africa’s largest Marion and Bucyrus Draglines, crawl and rubber tyre open cast equipment, shafts, winders, conveyances, continuous miners, diesel and electric material handling equipment, refrigeration and ventilation plants and systems and rolling stock.

Metallurgical Industries

Precious and base metal refineries, leaching, iron, steel, ferro and alloy industries, Corex and Midrex processing plants, coke ovens, blast and arc furnaces, continuous casting, steel rolling mills, ferro smelters, bulk material handling, transportation and storage, crushing, screening, beneficiation, milling, floatation, concentration, end product handling and related by-product manufacturing plants.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Chemical fertiliser manufacturing, sulphuric and phosphoric acid plants, bulk acid tank farms, storage and transportation.

Production plant and machinery in ultra-clean pharmaceutical and critical care medication manufacturing environments. Manufacturing of cosmetics, detergents and chemical cleaning products.

Gas, Oil and Petroleum

Large bore piping installation and reticulation systems.

Petroleum installations and refineries, bulk storage tank farms, fire detection, prevention and fire fighting installations.

Bulk industrial gas manufacturing and gas cleaning plants, bulk gas storage and distribution installations, petroleum, gas and oil loading facilities for rail and road transportation.

Steam and Water

Boiler steam generation and distribution, demineralised water treatment. Bulk water purification, distribution systems and reticulation networks.

Industrial effluent and bulk sewer systems.

Wood, Pulp, Paper and Commercial Printing

Forestry equipment, saw and lumber mills, pulp milling, paper manufacturing, packaging, allied products and printing industries.

Food and Beverages, Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries

Sugar milling, sugar refining and plantations. Bulk fast moving consumer food processing plants, refrigeration and cold storage facilities, fisheries, canned food, fruit juices, bulk milk and beverages production, wine cellars, breweries and distilleries.

Bulk grain storage, milling, cereals and bakeries.