Three crucial questions .............

Are your sums insured correct to avert averages?
Are you over-insured?
Have your assets been audited and "componentised" in terms of SA GAAP, GAMAP, IAS or IFRS?

We verify all fixed assets in terms of its existence, examining its condition and status with special attention to modifications and refurbishments for the valuation of plant, machinery, structural steelwork, land, buildings and other improvements. Our valuations are used for insurance, accounting and financial purposes, for acquisitions, disposals, mergers, import and export tax implications.

Our valuations are thoroughly researched and transparent.

Our valuation report is presented in plant register layout, and gives a true representation of all assets physically verified and bar-coded on an item-by-item basis showing assets captured by location, department, cost centre, and sub-cost centre to unit, functional location, and if required to rotable level. Our valuation report is provided in hardcopy and electronic format, mapped to allow direct import into the client’s financial assets database.

Our electronic exports are compatible with the requirements of SAP, JDE, Eclipse, Pragma, and other financial software packages.We also "componentise" all major fixed assets in conjunction with the client’s policy, in terms of SA GAAP, GAMAP, the International Accounting Standard (IAS) and International Financial Reporting Standard’s (IFRS) prescriptions around the impairment of fixed assets.

We  give maximum benefit and add maximum value, we offer a service to reconcile the client’s fixed assets register to our valuation report and the client’s engineers equipment register, updating and validating the client’s fixed assets register in terms of the relevant accounting standard.